Some Textile Art

I apologise in advance for the not very good photos of my textile work.  I’ve not worked out how to get good photos of it – the sparkles, shimmers and iridescence don’t make it easy, that’s for sure.

For the Princess Royal

This was presented to the Princess Royal when she opened a new care home near the school where I teach on 14th Feb 2011.  I hope to have pictures of it being presented to her sometime soon …

I was asked to make a small piece for her on the Tuesday before and it had to be finished by the Friday for framing.  So, a lot of time was spent on this.  It took around 15 to 20 hours of work, and it seems every available spare moment I had when I wasn’t sleeping, eating, driving or working was used.   It is just 9cm x 9cm in size.

I am pleased with the final work, and the photograph really does not do it justice at all (and for me to say that is a huge step forward in my self-esteem and self-belief!).

Looking for a title…

I finished this one not long ago.  It’s around 7cm x 14cm.  It’s been a source of relaxation and pleasure during a major stress-out this week.  I think think my stress levels have been steadily rising over the last few weeks, between one thing and another at the ‘college of knowledge’, mostly the behaviour/attitude of the pupils.  I’ve never known it be so bad.  Yesterday I hit my limit of stress, and passed through that barrier to release it, and last night and today I have paid the price for it – headache, upset tummy, extreme tiredness.  So, today I have spent completing the above piece of de-stressing, relaxtion therapy.  Over the past several days it has taken around 20 hours or so to complete.  I’ve stumbled across a way to make the large, rectangular ‘sequins’ on the picture.  The photo doesn’t show how the colours change and the work shimmers and sparkles as you view it from different angles.

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