A heart for art’s sake?

Heart 20 Feb 2011 © Angela Porter 2011

This was completed not too long ago.  For some reason I felt inspired to create a heart … so I went with it.  The picture really doesn’t do the little piece justice, however.  It is just 7cm x 11cm in size.  The beads are a lovely warm red, towards the blue side of the red spectrum rather than the orange size, and they are finished with an iridescent sheen.  The large, custom made ‘sequins’ are copper coloured with rainbow iridescence, but change green when viewed at different angles.  The wires forming the heart and the patterns inside are copper, as are the metallic threads that are used to embellish parts of the piece.  It’s all worked on black felt, the matt nature of which provides a lovely contrast to the shiny, sparkly, iridescence of the things on top of it.

I know that once pay-day comes along, top of my shopping list, right next to the monthly purchases of mog-pog-fod (cat food) and kitty litter, will be frames and mount-board so that these latest creations can be displayed to best effect.  Mind you, this one will challenge me in framing it as I’ve not left much of a border round it.  I suspect  I’ll be attaching it to a bigger piece of felt in order to frame it.

What to do next in terms of textile work … hmm?

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