“Eetings” Pattern Exploration, Day 2

As there are a few variations, I decided that a better name for this collection of variations on a theme would be “eetings”. And so they are named!

I’m not too fussed on a couple of the variations I drew in today’s video. Still, if you don’t try things out, you never know if they’ll work or not. Also, they’re opportunities to work with them and turn them into something that I do like!

Colour, shadow and highlight are all important in bringing these designs from a flat line drawing to something that has volume and life to it.

Here’s today’s video. If you like it, please consider giving a thumbs up, maybe even subscribing. Perhaps you’d share the video with others who would enjoy watching it too. Clicking ‘watch on YouTube’ will help my YouTube channel grow, if you’d be so kind.

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