Swirls and sparkles …

I’ve just finished this piece of art created using wires and beads and threads and custom made ‘sequins’ using black felt for the ground.  It measures approx. 20cm x 15cm and has taken some 25 hours or so to make.

The inspiration for the swirls and loops comes from La Tene or early Celtic art and ammonites and shells.  The sparkly-ness is all my own – my inner magpie will not be denied!

I find working with this is a lot like drawing for me, but using the wires, threads, beads and ‘sequins’ as the mark-making tools.  There’s something calming about doing the work, and something magical about turning the black of the felt into something much brighter and lighter.

The choice of colours – coppers, golds, blues, greens, with the odd dark metallic purple and brown – was specifically for the friend who asked me to create a textile artwork for them.  They love all shades of blue, but especially turquoise, and copper and the gold and greens and other colours just seemed to go with these.

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