Solstice cuff/bracelet and Indian food


Solstice cuff/bracelet

I finished the above cuff a little earlier on this evening.  It’s not a good photograph; I’ve not managed to work out how to photograph my jewellery well, yet.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening working on it, the same this afternoon.  I got so engrossed in the intricacy of the work and the enjoyment of it that I lost track of time and finally made it to bed around 1 am!  It certainly stopped me from being bored!

It’s most probably around 7½” long and around 1½” wide.  Silver ‘Japan’ thread, various metallic threads, sequins, and silver-lined Japanese seed and bugle beads were used to create the pattern on the top and to edge the piece.  Black felt is used as the background as it doesn’t fray and gives a wonderfully dark, matt background in contrast to the sparkle and shimmer of the surface decoration.

The design flows out of me intuitively.  Curves and spirals feature in much of may artwork, and this is a piece of art to be worn for sure!

The blue, green and silver seem appropriate to me at this time of year, reminding me of the sparkling snow, the bright green shoots that will soon appear as the world turns on once more.  Blues and purples just remind me of the winter night sky, sparkling stars and glowing Moon set into its velvety darkness.   I’ve called it the Solstice cuff as is an expression of how I feel at this Solstice.

It’s been a long time since I created any textile jewellery.  I seem to have lost myself in watercolours and pens and pencils and abstract art for a long time.  Sometimes it’s nice to do something different.  I certainly reminded myself of how much I enjoy creating such things as this cuff.

Indian food

While writing this entry, I have some pans of Indian food cooking on the hob.  The smells coming from the kitchen are delicious, even if I say so myself!

I’m visiting friends tomorrow and taking the food for the day with me it seems.  Dahl and potato curry flavoured with fenugreek and garlic are the two dishes I’m making at the moment.  My friends’ daughter asked me to make a bucket of dhal, and so I have, though the bucket is the largest pan I have!  The potato curry also has peas, mushrooms and aubergine in it.   In the morning, most probably, I will make bhajees and pakoras as well as the mint raita.  Onion bhajees of course, but also onion, aubergine, pepper and mushroom pakoras will be made.  I’ve cheated and bought naan breads and ready cooked popadams.

Why Indian food?  Well … I’m rather good at cooking it, apparently, and also its a total change of flavour for those who have feasted on the traditional Christmas vittles, something I’ve not done.  When I take the time to cook for myself, I often cook Indian food.  However, I’m lazy when it comes to looking after myself properly, and that is something that will have to change sooner rather than later.

I enjoy cooking for other people, and I don’t do it often.  I’ve become more of a recluse than ever in the last couple of years, and that is worrying me.  I had to go out shopping today in order to cook this wonderful yet simple feast.  It was strange being where other people were.  The snow here gave me the excuse to stay home and not bother with other human beings much at all.  Now the rain has come, the thaw has begun and I have few excuses to stay away from people.

Well, I’d better go and stir the pans on the hob, or rather stir the contents of the pans, now that I’ve stirred up some inner issues within me.