Sixteen squares


My first sixteen squares for KAS
Sixteen squares.

Sixteen squares done!

These have been knitted or crocheted in either double knitting, aran or chunky yarns for Knit-A-Square.  Some are kitting in stocking stitch with moss stitch or garter stitch borders.  Others have been knitted with a textured design on them, again with the borders.  One even has a flower on it – stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch are the contrasting stitches – a pattern adapted from “Blankets and Throws to Knit” by Debbie Abrahams.  A couple have been knitted diagonally in garter stitch.  And there’s even a couple of crocheted ‘granny squares’!  I have spent time keeping notes of what sized needles I’ve used, the number of stitches in a square, the patterns used, in a little notebook.

Crocheting is not a skill I’ve been able to come anywhere near perfecting.  I can just about manage granny squares.  Simple edgings too.  But that’s it.  Knitting is more my thing.  I must admit it was fun to knit the flower from the book as a textured pattern rather than in colours – I need to seriously practice my intarsia knitting!  I did try to make it in colours, but I got holes and uneven areas; it’s been a very long time since I did any such knitting.

I’ve found a lot of fun and joy and pleasure in knitting these little squares.  They let me practice different techniques, play with different yarns, and learn new tricks.  They’re small enough that they’re finished quite quickly and the materials/tools are easy to carry around so that knitting can be done on trains and so on; to take the blazer I’m knitting with me would need a large bag and plenty of room to accomplish job – not always available on a train, for instance, and not always sensible to take a huge bag of stuff with me anywhere.  I’m hoping that their small size will allow me to become more creative with the designs as time goes on…with the limited number of stitches to make a square it’s a challenge!

The other good thing about this for me is that the size of the project is not overwhelming for me.  I’m not making a huge number of squares of a certain size in order to create a blanket/throw/shawl.  Each square is a complete item in its own right, and will become part of something much larger.  I do have a problem with projects that overwhelm me with their enormity, such as knitting a large number of squares to make a blanket/throw, or writing a story (let alone a book), or a large and complex piece of art or jewellery or clearing the garden.  Something I need to work on turning around … and until then, I’ll work on projects that either don’t overwhelm me, or I can push myself a little bit into something bigger than I would usually do, or sneak up on ones that would ordinarily overwhelm me and surprise myself!

Once I shake this cold/flu/pharyngitis off then I’ll no doubt start to practice contemplative knitting as a way of developing mindfulness, with the aid of tips from the book “Mindful Knitting” by Tara Jon Manning.  But that is for another day.  At the moment I’m still coughing, sniffing, blowing my nose and generally feeling off-colour still.




Well, it’s the very last day of September, another month of the year all but gone.  Time seems to be flying by.  Grey, gloomy starts to the mornings of late, and not just weather wise either.  It’s been a fraught week at work.  I’ve been left feeling exhausted by the constant treadmill of behaviour management, which I don’t think I’m managing at all well, yet others think I’m doing fine.  I’m still putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect…

I went to buy some new skirts yesterday.  I do like the current fashion of long lengths – that’s always been my kind of style!  Drifty, floaty, off with the fairies.  And I do wish they wouldn’t put huge mirrors in changing rooms … but I did stop myself descending into a dark gloom about my size, and I did avoid comfort eating too.  Which is a little success for me.  But if I think about it … I’m in danger of seriously beating myself up about it.  It will sort itself out as counselling untangles the old learned attitudes towards myself and replaces them with better ones, bit by bit.


I’ve been crocheting over the past couple of days.  I have one teeny wrap for a premature baby done, and am working on a blanket.  Crochet is a challenge for me, more than knitting, as I’ve rarely made anything by crochet!

I’m also enjoying the relatively fast gratification of completing a project.  It’s also nice to see the project grow so quickly.  It’s not that I’m sort on patience, its that I can be short on time, as well as having a lot of other interests.  But crafts such as crochet and knitting I can take on my travels with me, though I did chicken out of crocheting on a train last night as I travelled to and from a talk I was giving.  I’ll get over that as I got over my extreme shyness at drawing/painting in public.

The current wraps and blankets will be going to Cuddles and are based on their patterns.  I’ll just get a few more done before I pack ’em up and send ’em off.

Knitting for charity

A quick google found this site – Knit a Square.  I think I’ll have to see about getting something like this into school …

And another one Loving Hands Charity Knitters even seems to knit coats for chickens!

Cuddles provides clothes and blankets for premature, stillborn and miscarried babies.

Bonnie Babies, again for little ones and keepsakes for parents who lose a baby.

Handmade gifts for vulnerable children – does what it says on the label.

And these are just a few in the UK …. where to start?