Looking back…

Psychedelic Butterfly © Angela Porter 2010


The image above …

…was drawn around 2 years ago while I was on bereavement leave after my father’s passing.  It’s proven to be the most popular of my art that is on display at my deviantARTsite.  It’s also ended up on a T-shirt available from TabootArt

Why did I put an older piece of art here?  Well, this hasn’t appeared here, it was a piece of art that broke newish ground for me, one where I discovered my love of pen and ink drawing and the fussy, intricate, ornate style of working that I like to do, yet still keeping it fairly simple, and this week has been too busy for me to do much in the way of art!

This week

This week has really been an odd one for me, as well as a busy one.

School has been … school.  Monday and Tuesday were very vexing days.  Monday because I had pupils fly off the handle at me simply because I’d politely asked them to do something like ‘Finish that piece of work’ or ‘Turn around and concentrate on the work please’.  Tuesday I had a stress headache that miraculously disappeared as I walked out of the door to go home.  I wasn’t the only one having difficulties and feeling this way.  There’s something up in the heavens methinks.

Wednesday was a day on a course run by the examiners of the GCSE exam my year 10 and 11 pupils study for.  That was a good day, away from school, going through things of value to me, and chatting to other teachers about their experiences.  It was really good to have a break from the madhouse that school has become.

The rest of the week in school was much more mellow, thank the good lords!

I have been doing my best to focus on the pupils who benefit from my teaching and contact with me.  It can be difficult when all hell seems to be breaking loose (hell in school being things not quite going as I want and some confrontation from pupils, the fussiness and the uncooperativeness.  I don’t have classes that are totally out of control or throwing things or fighting and so on …. it’s calmer than that in my room, but the ultra-perfectionist in me still can’t cope with things not being 100% perfect!).

And thank you to the lovely lady who left such a lovely comment on my previous entry here – Interwoven.  Her words cheered me up greatly, and helped to return the focus to where it could be.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1

I went to see this film on Friday straight after school.  And that was a good choice, a nice end to the week for me.

I actually enjoyed it – it was heaps better than The Half-Blood Prince, which was a very poor adaptation of the book in my humble opinion.  This was much better.  My only regret was forgetting to take a pack of hankies with me and not putting on waterproof make-up!  Even though I know the story so well, the sad points still brought tears to my eyes, and there were a number of them along the way.

I look forward to Part 2.

2 thoughts on “Looking back…

  1. I love the above artwork. I do these pen and inks also. It’s a way to wind down for me after painting all day I just get tucked into one of these and calm the heck down. Lovely piece of work. Take care, Deb


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