Be kind …

Be Kind © Angela Porter |
Be Kind ©Angela Porter |

This morning, I finally finished the drawing that’s the background for one of my favourite quotes.

I printed the quote and it’s border and then I used Uniball Unipin pens to draw the design. After scanning in to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, I cleaned the artwork up. I then used the software to colour the line art and typography.

This was definitely a piece of ‘comfort art’ – it’s a style I slip back into when I need to focus on self-care. That doesn’t mean I consider this art less than my other art. It’s pretty, intricate and I actually love the way the colour softens the lines. Soft colours, soft lines, soft and loving quote, yet a powerful quote. It’s kindness and compassion towards all others and all living things that will change the world for the better.

So, Angela, how are you?

I’m OK, but still rather tired. Not physically but emotionally. Between therapy and then a rather emotionally difficult blog entry yesterday it’s wiped me out a bit.

I woke to a grey, wet day. However, there’s now some sunshine brightening the world and making the rain shine. It’s also brightening my mood a little, not that it was dark, just a little matte or flat.

I do need to turn my attention to some commissions and projects, however my emotions aren’t feeling all that stable today. I know I have an appointment in a couple of hours so perhaps rather than trying to make a start on the project work I’ll spend some time self-soothing and then focus on the projects when I return home.

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