Childhood bullying damages adult life.

Childhood bullying damages adult life – report on the BBCNews website.

No surprises.  As a victim of childhood bullying, both in school and at home, as well as a victim of bullying as an adult, I can honestly say that nothing in the report is a surprise to me.

I’ve been doing my best to build my self-esteem and self-confidence for years as well as to overturn my comfort eating and problem with being overweight.

As I’ve already said, however.  Bullying isn’t only confined to schools.  It takes place in every area of society, both openly and behind closed doors.  The effect it has on the victim’s mental and emotional health is profound and can lead to complex PTSD, as well as many other issues.

I know.  I’ve been there.  I’m doing my best to be a survivor and then to allow myself to thrive.  Sadly, I still find times where I become the victim, yet again, from people of all ages, young and old, who find out what buttons to press to provoke a response they wish…and too late I realise what has happened…and I’ve not figured out how to halt it before it starts within myself.  I can only do something about my reactions, there is little I can do about those who are unwilling to change their ways and see nothing wrong with how they speak to and behave towards other people for their own perverse pleasure.

The sooner society starts to educate people what bullying is, recognises that people of all ages can be both bullies and victims of bullies, understands that adults don’t automatically know how to cope with bullying (either as a victim or someone who has to manage bullying, such as a teacher) and accepts that the behaviour of bullies is unacceptable the quicker things will change.  

A positive change like this will never be soon enough for me and perhaps the rest of my life will be less blighted by bullies and people who disbelieve that bullying is actually going on; it’s just the way kids are these days, he’s just a forceful manager, they’re only having fun, it’s only horseplay, they know no better, stop moaning and get on with it, stop being so childish adults don’t get bullied…

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