Golden Gloucestershire Hills of Corn

I finished this one this morning.  I was lacking inspiration for a title, but a dear friend of mine said it reminded him of the Gloucestershire hills covered with ripe corn.  So that’s the title!

I struggle with landscapes, full builidngs, street views and the like if I try to make them ‘realisitic’, yet when I simplify things, add pattern and colour things seem to work out just fine.  I think I’m just going to have to accept that though I can do very detailed, precise drawings of some things, others will need my skills at simplifying and patterns and the play of shadow and highlight to turn them into something abstract though inspired by landscapes, buildings, and so on…maybe.

2 thoughts on “Golden Gloucestershire Hills of Corn

  1. Meant to say, this reminds me of Robert Burns lovely song, Corn Riggs are Bonnie. Delay in commenting is because I was looking for a link to the song being sung, but couldn’t find one, but perhaps you know it anyway, or are better at negotiating internet than I am (being old…) Anne

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