Well, the white stuff has fallen again here in South Wales.  While the world looks pretty, especially in the bright sunshine and pale-blue winter skies, everything seems to have come to a total standstill in the area where I live.  It is actually bliss!

At the end of what felt like a long, tiring, stressful half-term at school, there is no pressure on me to go out anywhere or do anything other than keep warm, sleep, read, be creative.

There is no way the car is getting out of the street I live in.  The hill it connects to is impassable.  And it seems to be pretty much the same right the way around the town.  Which means the background noise from traffic and work going on outside is zero.   Another reason why it is bliss!  For the first time in years I can hear the sound of planes overhead, distant birdsong and cawing of the corvids too.  And at night the silence is wonderfully enveloping, sleep deepening.

So what if it isn’t possible to get the gift shopping done?  My yearly purchase of mistletoe will be later than the Solstice eve methinks.  A meal out on Monday night is very likely to be cancelled.

Yet all of these things can be completed at a slightly later time.  I may have my own tradition of replacing last year’s mistletoe with new on the morning of the Solstice, but if I’m a little late it won’t matter too much.  The meal can be rearranged.  The shopping can be done at a later time.  I have more time to create the gifts of jewellery that are going to those close to me, though the cufflinks that I wish to create may have to be a belated present if the post doesn’t arrive in time!

I certainly won’t miss the craziness of the shops at this time of year, the stress I feel in going to such places, and I’ll no doubt feel a lot better as a result.

A silver lining in the blanket of snow?  Very much so!  Pure platinum rather than silver I think!

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