Shimmer Doodles

Shimmer Doodle 1

Shimmer Doodle 1 © Angela Porter 2010

It was suggested by Sonja Gartner on Paintings I Love that I try working on dark backgrounds using gel pens.  So, I’ve had a play, and the work above is the result of that, though getting a good image of something that shimmers and glows is not easy.

It’s just a doodle on A4 black card using various metallic, glitter and pastel gel pens (including Sakura Souffle, Glaze and Gellyroll pens, with some new ones acquired from Stamposaurus), metallic coloured pencils and metallic/iridescent/pearlescent watercolour paints made by Cosmic Shimmer.

It took many hours to complete the doodle, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, though the choice of the purple pastel souffle pen to do the outlines was not the best one, but you live and learn!

This also kept my inner magpie happy – the part of me that loves shimmer and glisten and things shiny and bright.  And there is something so nice about turning the dark to light, which is perhaps a metaphor for my life and my purpose in life!

Anyway, the pleasure in working this way led me to hunting down suppliers of various gel pens online and ordering more to work with, both on black/dark backgrounds and light backgrounds.  I ordered a load of Uni-Ball gel pens from TigerPens, and the arrived this morning!  More toys to play with!  Yay.  I also ordered a few more Sakura pens from Stamposaurus, and they have yet to arrive.

Tesserae Carnivale 1

Tesserae Carnivale 1 © Angela Porter 2010

This is a tiny piece of art, something that started as a ‘lets try it and see’ and ended up being finished!  It’s around 10.5cm x 9cm.  The outlines are worked in Sakura Glaze in a light green.  The sections are coloured with watercolour paints.  No metallics.  No shimmers.  When the Glaze pen dries, it leaves a raised up line, which is perfectly reminiscent of stained glass windows.  It would’ve been more stained-glass-like if I’d used a black pen, but I didn’t have a Glaze pen in black, but will soon have.

Fun to do, fun to pick out shapes/patterns/layers in different colours as well as to play with complementary colours again.  I do so love bright colours.

And, yes, I’d love to have a stained glass window a little like this in my home … it would colour the room with a glorious rainbow of colour!

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