Fruitful art?

Arty things

Well, I’ve just scanned in and added a pen and watercolour wash illustration of crab apples to yesterday’s post.  I got the bramble one done yesterday, though I’m not at all sure about using acrylic paints.  I do like the vibrancy of colour they give, but I also like the subtlety of watercolours too.  And working out how to use black ink with the colours so it looks ‘grown up’ and not childish/cartoony to me is a bit of a challenge, and I’m not at all sure that I’m succeeding.  But it is making for interesting art experiments I suppose.  Not sure what next though …

Awake too early

I woke up at stupid o’clock this morning, mind rushing, unable to settle to read, to meditate or anything.  I think that may be to do with today being the last day of my summer holidays and the return to work is really looming large.  I’ve had a rough few years at work, battling with stress/depression and other things, and though I am getting better, there’s still a way to go.  I don’t quite know how things will pan out – I’m doing my best to be positive about things, but the pressures involved in spending time with people, the noise, the fuss, the bustle, and that’s only the first day without the pupils back!  I do want to change careers but I have no idea what to … I’d like to work with my creativity, something that involves writing, art, imagination, working with people I can relate to, where there’s a level of respect and warmth would be good, where there are people I can bounce ideas off …exactly what that would be, I don’t know, but when I’m ready to make that move all will be apparent I’m sure.

I had an interesting time last night where I was showing some of my art to friends at my healing group.  They were pressuring me to frame my art, hang it, sell it, take it to galleries and hotels and libraries and craft centres and and and to display and sell it.  In the future I may be able to do that, but I find it so hard to show my art to people I know (unless it’s through the relative anonymity of t’interweb) and the thought of promoting it myself is … painful.  I found myself becoming quite angry and agitated as they kept repeating what I should do … and I tried to explain why I can’t do it…the financial cost of exhibiting is prohibitive for me at this time in my life.

Anyone know an agent who would represent me, or any other suggestions that don’t involve me pushing way too far outside my comfort zone?

A new month

Today is St Giles’ Day. St Giles died around the year 710.  During his lifetime he founded a monastery in Provence, near Arles, and that is about all that is known about his life.  The medieval myth makers, however, provided a colourful set of incidents for his life, including an explanation of how he was given the money to found the monastery.  When he was living as a hermit he had pet doe who provided milk for his nourishment.  Unfortunately, the King’s huntsmen loved to chase the doe and eventually they trapped her in the dense thicket in which Giles lived.  The doe was protected by harm by Giles’ prayers but he was wounded by a huntsman’s arrow.  The King recognised Giles’ holiness and bestowed many gifts upon him which he used to found the monastery.  Giles’ was also reputed to have remarkable healing powers as well as the ability to get a pardon for people’s sins, no matter how great or small, by praying.  These tales contributed to his fame, and Giles was widely popular in medieval England and many churches were dedicated to him.  His feast day was conveniently placed in the year for outdoor events, particularly local fairs, feasts and revels. [1]

  1. Steve Roud – The English Year

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