Inky Butterflies!

A sketchbook page full of inky butterflies! This is how I started my day – over an hour and a half of sketching, inking, erasing pencil lines and then adding some colour to one butterfly. Of course, I filmed this whole process and have created a YouTube video of the hour and a half of arty fun into less than 20 minutes.

I used a ‘hard’ Tombow Fudenosuke pen to ink the quick drawings in. Then, I used Inktense pencils to add colour to one butterfly. The colours I used were red-violet, mallard green, sienna gold, golden yellow, peacock blue and ink black. Finally, I added some dots using a white Posca pen.

Maybe not the best drawings I’ve done, but they’re sketches, ideas to use in further work I think. And, like with the inky insects from yesterday, they are only the start of designs!

A nice way to start the day, and hopefully a nice way for you to spend 20 minutes sharing in my creative experience should you choose to view the video.

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