Pastel Mandala

It’s not long after 9am, and it’s already almost too hot to do anything. The sun is shining on the front of my house, the windows beside my office area, and the mercury is rising rapidly.

In the UK we aren’t really used to hot weather, nor are we really geared up to it. I’m someone who quickly wilts when I get overly warm. Going out in such bright sunshine and heat is not a pleasurable thing. I can burn even through factor 50 sunblock and I quickly feel sick as I get uncomfortably warm. I’m absolutely sure I’m not the only one who is like this.

I do, however, love to see the sunshine and it does make sure my mood is lifted.

As it’s getting way too warm in my office, I will soon be departing downstairs to the much cooler areas of my home. No doubt I’ll end up napping as I really had a poor night’s sleep in the current heat.

Anyway, I’ve spent the time I’m able to work drawing a mandala. I’m not happy with the colour choices as I look at the mandala now, but as it’s digital art I can easily play with the colours to get it as I’d like it.

I do like the paler colours on a black background. However, I think I may have chosen colours that are a bit pale.

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