Watercolour WIP


Yesterday, I wrote about trying out a black line drawing with watercolours and comparing it to similar artwork but with pencil lines. Here are the results. Well, the works in progress any way.

Drawing the design lightly in pencil has been my usual way of working with watercolour.

I like both. The black lines give a much more ‘stained glass’, dramatic kind of vibe to the artwork and also make the colours seem a lot more vibrant.

The pencil lines lead to a much more delicate kind of artwork. Even though the colours are just as vibrant, they seem a lot more muted.

I like them both, I think.

Either way, it was an interesting way to spend a few hours yesterday.

Finally venturing forth

Last night, I took the huge step of taking my car for petrol and going for a long drive to recharge the battery. The Welsh ruling on ‘stay local’ has been lifted, but we’re asked to observe social distancing and to stay home as much as possible, with only essential journeys being made.

My car needed petrol. It’s battery needed charging. It’s smart media system needed updating and wouldn’t update with the battery low. So, I decided that a drive around, with me not stopping, would be fine to do. Especially as it gave my emotional health a boost and helped me with some of the anxiety I felt about leaving my home for the first time since the middle of March.

Driving turned out to be a lovely experience. I felt safe, isolated in my little car. It was weird to drive again after so long, but it was also exciting. I’ve always loved driving, so it was a pleasure to do so once more. A bit of a reward for following all the guidelines.

I was scared about getting petrol. However, I was the only one at the petrol station and it turned out to be just fine.

Seeing the countryside closer up was also a refreshing change. It also made me a little sad as I realised how much of the change of seasons I’ve missed this year. It’s like all of spring has been cut out.

I was hoping to stop by a small, usually quiet supermarket on my way home, to see how I got on with that. But I just couldn’t. So, I came home.

This little trip was important in other ways. I knew I had to go out to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription this month. To make that my first trip out would’ve been too much in one go.

So, early-ish this morning, I went to the pharmacy. It was so quiet in the town. There were cars in the car park, but very few people were around and about.

I did have to queue outside the pharmacy, but there was just one person ahead of me and so we chatted, over 2m apart until one person had left and she could go in. I had quite a wait before I could go in, and then a wait for my prescription to be filled (they’d had it for quite a few days, so I was surprised it wasn’t done; next time I think I’ll phone the day before and ask if can be ready the next day). When I came out, there was quite a queue outside so I’d timed my visit just right.

It was straight back home for me after that, for a late breakfast.

I’m pleased that I found the strength and courage to do this errand. I am feeling absolutely drained though as I must’ve been a lot more stressed than I thought I was. So, it’ll be a self-care day today.

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