Mandala fun!

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The art

I’ve been busy this morning. First, I wanted to complete the drawing and painting of a zentangly, entangled tile ready for embellishment in other ways.

Then, I wanted to do something digitally, but something relatively simple and quick. What popped into my mind was a really, really simple kind of mandala along with a quote of some kind.

But what kind of quote should I add?

Earlier this week I took Binky, my SmartCar, for its annual service. While waiting, I did some reading. I found one of the QI books of facts on my Kindle and I enjoyed reading weird and wonderful facts. This is one I found in a different one of the QI books this morning.

I’ve always enjoyed reading (and often remembering) curious information, ideas, and so on. The weirder something is, the more likely it is to stick. The weird stuff I had in my head used to entertain my pupils in the days when I was a science teacher.

So, I thought it may be fun, from time to time, to share some of these weird, quite interesting facts, in the form of something pretty to look at.

This is digital art, created using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Microsoft Surface Studio and Microsoft Surface Slim Pen.

So, Angela, how are you doing?

I thought I’d resurrect this once regular feature of my daily blog posts. I’m sure that many, many of us are struggling emotionally and mentally during this pandemic. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

I had some tearful moments yesterday. I live alone. I’m an introvert so that doesn’t bother me so much, in fact it suits me.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get lonesome for company from time to time. Usually, I’d go out for a walk or to walk around the shops. Covid19 has put a bit of a dampener on these activities. I’m very conscious that I really don’t want to catch it (I have underlying health problems), and if I already have it, or am lucky enough to have mild symptoms without realising that I have it, I really don’t want to pass it along to other people.

I realise that there will be times when I need to go out to pick up bits and bobs. However, my behaviour has to change from doing this most days in a week to as little as often.

It’s not just the lack of social contact, it’s that social media is overwhelming me with fear, worry, empathy for those who are suffering far more than I am. I also feel angry about those who just don’t seem to understand why we need to socially distance ourselves and stay at home except for absolutely essential reasons.

Last night, I became rather emotionally overwhelmed. I was crying at what I was watching on the TV, even though it wasn’t something that would usually provoke much of an emotional response in me other than curiosity, interesting, thoughtfulness.

It didn’t help that I had a post-stress migraine-type headache yesterday from my trip out to do a bit of shopping on Friday. I ended up in bed in the afternoon to sleep it off once the painkillers had kicked in.

I’m as frustrated as anyone at being at home yesterday and today. There’s beautiful golden sunlight out there and I’d like nothing more than to be out and about in it. My DSLR does need using. However, I’m determined that I’ll do my best to keep myself and others safe by staying home.

However, there are reports of open spaces being crowded with people, all with the same idea – if we go outdoors into parks or to beaches for a walk there won’t be many people there.

Seems everyone else had the same idea! Well, not everyone else, but far too many to make it a sensible idea.

Also, to the vast majority of us, the disease seems so distant as so few of us know someone who’s had it, is suffering it, or who, sadly, as passed away. That has a lot to do with people not feeling the need to heed the ‘request’ to stay home. It all feels surreal, abstract, not quite real.

I do hope it continues to stay that way for the vast majority of people. However, I know that it won’t.

So, as much as I’d love to be out on such a beautiful early spring day as this, I don’t know where I could go that would be safely away from crowds or people. So, I shall stay at home and art and craft and cook and know that it is necessary that I do so, as frustrating as it is on such a gloriously sunny day.

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