An invincible summer

About the art

I stumbled upon this quote yesterday and I thought it so embodied how I feel about how I am becoming via EMDR therapy.

I laser-printed the quote and borders on heavyweight, acid-free, white printer paper. I then used a fountain pen, one of my Kaweco pens, to draw the entangled art.

After scanning in, I added a background and a texture, finally adding my watermarks.

So, Angela, how are you today?

I’m quietly calm and content with a fair dose of optimism. I’ll be heading out for my weekly EMDR appointment soon, so I have no idea of how my emotions will be later on today.

This quote by Albert Camus struck a chord with me. It gave me words for how I feel about my CPTSD healing journey via EMDR.

The state of my mental and emotional health, the lack of compassion I had for myself, and how tough on myself I was had me in a cold winter where love was lacking. Love for myself.

Now, I feel like there’s a small, warm sun somewhere inside me illuminating the cold and darkness of the inner winter.

I’ve never felt this before. There’s so much I could say about how I felt this when I thought there was ‘love’, how it depended on someone else’s approval, and so on.

This feeling isn’t dependent on anyone else; it’s a seed within me that’s started to grow, showing itself as a baby sun that will continue to grow and illuminate my inner self. Its light will help to chase the shadows of my past away by bringing them into the light of love to be examined, healed and released and in the process healing me.

If someone had told me this would happen to me even a few months ago, I might not have believed them. I would have hoped for it, but never thought I deserved it. 

Now I know it is absolutely possible and inevitable as I continue to work on healing myself with the help of EMDR and my therapist.

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