Inspiration WIP

Inspiration WIP ©Angela Porter |
Inspiration WIP ©Angela Porter |

Progress is being made slowly on this one, but still it’s progress. I’ve done a fair bit this morning before heading out for my weekly EMDR therapy session in a short while.

It’s giving me more opportunities to try different things out. Time and completion of the artwork will tell if they’ve been successful as part of the whole.

As usual, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Microsoft Surface Pen and Microsoft Surface Studio are the tools of my choice for digital art.

So, Angela, how are you today?

I’m ok. I’m feeling tired, but I’m ok.

My mood did brighten somewhat last night, and today it’s fine. Not as bright as last night, but still contented and not quite as ‘flat’ as in the previous few days.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s EMDR day. I know what we’re working on today, and I need a bit of help with that inner child that I mentioned yesterday.

It will all work out just fine I’m sure.

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