Inspiration – WIP

Inspiration WIP © Angela Porter |
Inspiration WIP © Angela Porter |

Today’s been one of those days where I’ve had to do some ‘adulting’ and it’s broken my day up a fair amount.

However, I’ve still managed to get some more work done on this artwork. You can just see the lettering in the top left corner; well, a bit of it! It does say ‘Inspiration’, hence the title of this work in progress.

I’m enjoying doing this. Mind you, I enjoy all my arty workings. I think I’m enjoying digital art as it’s also challenging me in different ways, especially when working with pure colour.

Those of you who are sharp eyed may notice some differences in yesterday’s posting. I managed to not save the full sized file without the work I did yesterday.

Ho hum. I got to rework it though, and it’s worked out just fine.

I can see progress being made in the way I work digitally.

I do have to remember to intensify the shadows a bit more in places though. As I’ve said before, I love to play with shadow and light and bring a sense of dimension into my work, often a rather crazy, almost impossible kind of dimension.

That’s part of the fun of it all though! It can be hard for me to see what I’ve done with dimension until I can freshen my eyes and mind up to it.

I also never quite know how a particular motif/section is going to work out until I’ve done it. I do work really rather intuitively.

What I’ve also noticed is that I’ve gained confidence in digital art for these kinds of designs. With the ‘Be Brave’ one I really doubted myself, doubted whether I’d be able to replicate the design (or at least something inspired by the line art) in colour and digitally.

I started to show myself I could.

That confidence I gained carried on into the monogram A I completed a few days ago, and increased some more.

Now, I have a confidence in completing this design that I didn’t have when I started.

I wouldn’t say I’m an ‘expert’, nor ‘proficient’ yet. But I think I’m on my way to proficiency in digital art my way.

I can also say I’ve persevered with this medium over an extended period of time. It was nearly three years ago now that I bought my Surface Book and started to dip my toes into the waters of the huge ocean that is digital art.

It’s been, and continues to be, a really interesting, creativity opening journey for me, one that will continue for a long time I think.

So, Angela, how are you today?

I am fine today. Content. I detect little anxiety within me. I’m a bit tired as it was so hot yesterday and into the evening that it took until well past midnight for the temperature to drop enough for me to settle down.

What helped was an amazing thunderstorm. I lay in bed, looking out of my window at the lightning flashes and listening to the rumble and boom of thunder. Heavy rain came, so heavy it was splashing through the window and onto my face. It was so lovely! I fell asleep to the sounds of thunder and rain …

Anyways, emotionally and mentally I seem to be in a good enough place. there’s still some negative beliefs about myself and some anxieties I want to overcome yet, particularly some to do with being able to go out and about by myself, even if it’s just for a cup of tea in a cafe or a walk in a park.

I’m on the way to getting there for sure! I’m so thankful that my therapist found the method we’re using in EMDR to work on these negative thoughts. It’s so powerful for me and it’s working for sure.

Not that EMDR hasn’t worked in the past; it has. I think the work that has been done has prepared me for this particular way of working. Gently helped me to move forward and build up some resilience along the way.

I smile when I think of this, of where I am now. I smile when I realise I can recognise the progress made too.

Healing from CPTSD is possible. It really, really is!

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