Etsy shop!

I took a couple of plunges concerning my art in the last few days.  One was to set up an account with ARTFLAKES where some of my art will be available as printed canvasses, art prints and greetings cards.  The other was to open an Etsy shop.  I’ve just uploaded my first items to my Etsy shop, and they are three recently created ACEO cards, each of which is just 3½” by 2½” in size.  I do have others lurking around the house somewhere, and they’ll be added, along with other arty and crafty stuff I create.

A big step for me, a plunge even, as I need to find outlets for my creations, for others to acquire and share in the enjoyment I experience when I create and the love that goes into my creations.

Here’s the three ACEO cards – very simple, but that’s me at this moment in time as I rebalance my emotions from the revelations and emotional turmoil of the last few days…

Love 1 © Angela Porter 2012

Initial a © Angela Porter 2012

Daisy, daisy © Angela Porter 2012

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