A dragon-filled letter a…

This is very much a work in progress …

Small Dragon a 7 Mar 2011 WIP ©Angela Porter 2011

This is about A4 in size.  The outline of the ‘a’ was printed out, and I’m just embellishing/illuminating/decorating it with dragon-inspired patterns/forms.

So, who is to blame for this?  Well it happens to be my pal the head of art.  She came to chat through ideas about a series of lesson for year 9 (13 to 14 year olds) about illuminated letters and this is one of the activities she wants them to do.  Of course, she ‘asked’ (read coerced!) me to do an example to show them. She’s doing one, as is a lass who is with the art department on work experience.

I will post more photos as it progresses.  This is the result of around 4 hours work today … maybe a bit more, I don’t really keep track of how much time I spend doing art.  This evening the time was very much broken by a cwtchy pusscat … he misses me when I’m out in the day, bless him.

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