Rainy Saturday

I love the sound of rain, I really do.  There’s something very soothing and calming about it when indoors and warmly cuddled up under a noo-noo (cuddly blanket) or quilt.  I will have to venture forth later to acquire some vittles (there isn’t a single banana in my humble home, which is serious!).

I am on the mend from the tonsilitis/cough/flu that has given me a horrid case of pharyngitis and the doctor has signed me off work until 1st November.  I’m feeling better today, though a little woozy most probably from the drowsy version of Benyllin cough mixture which did give me some hours of sleep last night.

All the down time has given me a chance to do a serious amount of knitting – I have a small pile of squares for KAS done, and another gown or three for Cuddles.  But with no charged batteries for my camera, I can’t take any photos of them!

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