Bye, bye Smartiepants

Well, just after 4pm this evening, I waved a tearful goodbye to Smartiepants, my first SmartCar.  She has gone to be dismantled and recycled.  Hopefully parts of her will be transplanted into other SmartCars to keep them running healthily.

I will have fond memories of our time and trips together, of the great fun I had in driving her, of the places we went to.

I will try to put to one side the not so good memories of all the repairs, breakdowns, trials and tribulations that came with her.

I believe she was much used and abused by her previous owner(s), and I was able to give her the tlc she needed to survive another 4 years.  We had good times together.  And I’m sure this was all for the best.

So, bye bye, and thank you for all the fun times Smartiepants.

And hello to Foxy Voxy, the Vauxhall Corsa…time will tell if I’ve made a wise choice and a good buy this time…

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