Car update…

11:22 BST

Insurance is sorted for the Corsa.

I’ve got in touch with RAW2K about having the SmartCar scrapped.  Just waiting to hear from them about it…

Need a person to remove radio from SmartCar.  Must remember to remove all belongings from her too.

Almost all done!

20:44 BST

Just spoke with Jason from RAW2K about the SmartCar.  One of their companies is going to be in touch tomorrow about picking her up.  He’s going to put a note on the email to them asking if they’ll remove the radio for me when they come.

Nearly all sorted then …

And I just had the scariest journey of my life, possibly.  Two old ladies came to pick me up from the train station in Ponty this evening to go do a talk in Merthyr.  They entered into the station the wrong way.  Then they reversed into the railing near me damaging the rear bumper and the brake light glass.  The journey to Merthyr was … scary … as the ability to read the road or follow instructions like ‘go into the left hand lane’ was understood as ‘turn left’.  On the way back the driver managed to turn right onto a roundabout, much to the hilarity of a group of drinkers outside a pub.  Luckily a kind young lass in an old Clio came along and stopped the traffic so the car could be reversed back to the sliproad and then go around the roundabout the right way … kind of.

I think I just had a few years taken off my life!

Remind me to NEVER accept a lift from aged drivers again … I’m beginning to thing that after a certain age a re-test should be compulsory, and perhaps every so often after a certain age to ensure the drivers understand the rules of the road!!!

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