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AngelaI’m a self-taught artist. I find inspiration in nature,Romanesque and Gothic architecture, Early Celtic art, Prehistoric art and monuments, the Universe, microscopic images and whatever else happens to grab my attention.

Flowing shapes, lines and colours characterize my crazily textured and detailed artworks. Spirals and swirls and organically flowing forms are a feature of my work.  I love to work in a flowing, free and easy way, seeing where inspiration and intuition take me as I work with pens, pencils and paints. I love to add metallic or iridescent touches to my finished works in traditional media, which keeps my inner raven very happy.

I’m developing skills in digital art, working out how I can make it work for me, and having a lot of fun with it too.

I like to explore new media and ways of working with it, but my signature style of art has black lines and bold colours and is intricate and detailed.

I hope you share in the great joy, pleasure and love I feel when I create my art.

My published work

A full list of my published coloring books and my first tutorial book (A Dangle A Day) can be found on my Amazon Author Page – Angela Porter.

Where to find me and my work

As well as on this blog, you can find my work and/or me in the following corners of the internet:

artwyrd.deviantart.com – a community of artists who share their work

@artwyrd on twitter

@angela_porter_illustrator on instagram

Facebook page – Angela Porter Artist

Facebook group – Angela Porter’s Coloring Book Fans

Etsy shop – Artwyrd

Vida Collection

Zippi Portfolio


I am available for commissions. Please contact me by leaving a message or via email (Artwyrd at aol.com) to discuss.


11 thoughts on “About me

    • artwyrd 10 July 2011 / 11:49

      Thank you, nice to meet you too. My apologies for the late reply – I’ve only just discovered your comment…


  1. sakuran1 2 July 2013 / 09:24

    I found your blog and really liked your art. I myself run a blog for Psychedelic Art just for a few days now. I present especially psychedelic pictures, but also arts and crafts such as t-shirt painting. My work is insprired by the goa/psychedelic trance scene so there are also party/festival reviews.
    If you are interested I would be glad if you like to follow for sharing the joy for art.


  2. Daryl Auclair 29 March 2014 / 00:02

    Hi Artwyrd,
    Do you do any freelance work? My non-profit organization would like to design an 8.5″x11″ cover for a book we are putting together and I believe your artwork would be great. Let me know if you are available for work and I can get you more details.



    • artwyrd 29 March 2014 / 09:27

      Hello Daryl,

      I am available for commissions and would like to know more. My email address is artwyrd@aol.com



  3. HMD 18 May 2015 / 19:29

    Hi Angela! I just stumbled across your blog here and your DA account (It excites me oh so much that you have so many of your amazing artwork on DA as well) and I wanted to ask you a question, and I see you’ve been up to date with your blog so I’m hoping you will find this message soon too. Any who, I have one of the books your work is featured in, Color me Calm, and I’ve really enjoyed the coloring I’ve been doing in that book, and I wanted to share my coloring online but don’t know if I can because I wasn’t the one to draw the pictures and art stealing is definitely never my thing. I wouldn’t be taking credit for your amazingness, just my coloring fun, and I’d post a link to your book and I can additionally link your blog and DA account, if you’d like me to (I’m seriously undoubtedly inspired by your work and will love to play my own hand at your type of style) Anyways, what do you think? Could I have your permission to post my colored versions of your work featured in that book or would you rather I don’t and merely speak of it by mouth? I have a DA account as well, if you couldn’t tell. I hope you have a great rest of the week! Thank you for being awesome.

    – HMD


    • artwyrd 26 May 2015 / 12:41

      Thank you for your lovely words HMD!

      Its lovely to read you’re enjoying colouring in the art in Color Me Calm. Of course you can share your coloured art online, so long as you credit me/the book as the original source of the line art! On facebook there is a group called The Color Me Colorers where people are starting to share their art too.

      Any links you wish to add to the book or dA or my blog are fine by me too.

      Once again, thank you for asking, for your kind words, and I wish you lots of arty, colourful fun!



  4. Lori Upton 14 January 2016 / 13:56

    Hi Angela! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your designs in the “Color Me” series of adult coloring books. It’s great to be able to color with my child something other than cars, tractors & trains! ha ha I also wanted to give you a possible suggestion for the future: a jewel or jewelry coloring book. I love faceted gems, crystals and jewelry and have been looking online for a coloring book for adults that offers some designs. Surprisingly, there are really none out there (that are good quality). Maybe include several large faceted gems and diamonds from different angles, clusters of gems, jewelry rendering designs, raw gemstones and crystals, etc… I would LOVE to see this type of book available in the future as I’m sure many others would as well.
    One more suggestion (though not my personal favorite interest) that would be appreciated by many would be a Fashion Design book. Maybe include some drawings of fashion models in intricate dresses, clothing and accessories. It would allow anyone to feel like a couture designer!
    Thank you so much for giving me a new creative outlet to help keep me calm.
    -Lori Upton


    • Angela Porter 20 January 2016 / 14:10

      Hi Lori!
      Thank you so much for your message, and I’m so glad you love my art and that it gives you pleasure.
      I also thank you for your suggestions, especially the one about jewellery. Something I will moot with my editors!
      Enjoy the colouring and all the very best wishes,


  5. sonja gartner 19 April 2017 / 07:52

    I miss your beautiful inspirational mandalas (I mean NEW ones, haha) on PIL!


    • Angela Porter 19 April 2017 / 15:36

      Oh my gosh Sonja! I’ve forgotten about PIL! Lovely to hear from you again 🙂 My apologies for being absent, butmuch of my work of late has been for publishers…having a break gives me that chance to explore other ways of ‘arting’ again!


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