A little colouring break

I’ve been busy with black and white line art over the past few days.  Seeing so many people colouring artwork in with gay abandon had me hankering for my Polychromos coloured pencils, paper stumps and blending fluid for a while this evening.  I drew some designs just for my own personal fun over the weekend and decided to add colour to one of them.  Below is the result, the work in progress.

It could take a while to get finished as I have so much line art to do, which is great for me.  It is therapeutic, soothing, healing for me and that is just what I need at this point in life.

AngelaPorter_Artwyrd_Otherworldy_0001One thing I could do with an answer to is why do scanners always wash out the colours I have used?  I have a Brother A3 printer/scanner, which is great as I’m tending towards using larger paper these days, but try as I might I can’t seem to stop the color washout.

If anyone can give me any advice, help or instructions then that would be grand!

2 thoughts on “A little colouring break

  1. Peta

    All scanners are different, so i can’t comment on settings. What I do is import all of my scanned images into a photo manipulation program (for me that would be Adobe Photoshop ) and tweak all the colours to restore them to what they should be in there.


    1. Thanks for that Peta. I find that even when I manipulate the image, the colours aren’t what they could be … photography may be the only way to go for coloured images.


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