Pen vs Paper and States of Mind.

Pen vs Paper

I find it so much easier to think and/or let my thoughts flow when using a pen and paper! I like to think of myself as fairly computer-literate, I touch type a fair number of words a minute, yet words/ideas/thoughts never seem to flow quite as easily via the keyboard as via the pen.

I wonder how many other people are the same? Is it an age-related thing? Is it something that you can get over?  Is it something that one should want to get over?

I also find art programs don’t suit me either – nothing replaces the feel of pencil/pen/brush on paper for art or the materials being used. Digital art is not for me.

Luddite? Me? I don’t think so.  I mean, I can use computers to create certain kinds of things without first writing them down or planning them out, but there are other things I like to do with words that just don’t seem to work smoothly or easily with a keyboard as compared to a pen.  The prime example of this being the ‘stream of consciousness’ writing that appears in my journal, that helps me sort though an issue, a problem, perhaps through connecting with the subconscious (unconscious?) level of the mind.  Somehow, this  just doesn’t flow quite the same way when I use a keyboard.

My preference for pen and paper when I journal my thoughts is likely to make it an ‘interesting’ challenge for me to keep a blog!

States of Mind

Yesterday I spent a while meandering through the tangled paths of the weird world web looking for reputable information on the conscious, unconscious, subconscious and super-conscious states of mind.

Naturally some of the paths led to fluffy-bunny inhabited places, but more led to places of what seemed like erudite learning, with good references to back up their information.

It seems that the ‘subconscious’ does not exist, not psychologically speaking; it is a term mostly used by New Age aficionados.  The super-conscious seems to be another term bandied around by the same community.

Of course, the term ‘subconscious’ has entered into everyday usage, especially when we grope for a memory or do/say something without thinking, or remember something we didn’t think we’d taken notice of.

It’s all something I need to find out more about, read up on the psychology, try to find my way through all the New-Agey type stuff and see what seems to make sense, and, despite what hard science and total cynics say, and reach a conclusion that sits well with myself. Which isn’t easy as I’m a bit of an odd mix between scientist, artist, creative person and a spiritual person too!

I know science doesn’t have the answers for everything, that it is only one way of viewing how the Universe works, that there are things about the Universe we can’t put into test-tubes or analytical machines and measure or prove scientifically, especially consciousness.

I like to keep an open mind, question claims that are made and experiences I have had, and certainly read what is written with not just a pinch of salt but a huge sack-full of the stuff!  I like to see references to published work, and in those published works other references, especially when, say, someone claims that their book is about Anglo-Saxon beliefs yet they don’t even reference a single academic source!

I certainly like the idea of, and believe there are, mysteries that science can’t fully explain.  It seems like each time science makes a step forward to understanding life, the universe and everything (see the BBC’s h2g2 site or BBC’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or even Douglas Adams for my favourite answer to this eternal question), then it uncovers something else that can’t be understood yet. I wonder if it is like peeling back the layers of an infinite number of onions, each with an infinite number of layers!  And of course those are just the scientific onions, there’s the philosophical ones, the spiritual ones, and no doubt many others too.

I wonder if science and spirituality will ever converge…

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